Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Windows XP 64-bit 6-in-1 ISO (Super Compressed)

Description :
This DVD Contains:

Windows XP x64 Retail
Windows XP x64 Corporate
Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Retail
Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Corporate
Windows 2003 x64 Standard Retail
Windows 2003 x64 Standard Corprate

3.43 GB After Extraction


1. Burn to DVD and reboot to install (you cannotstart the setup from within 32-bit windows!) or start installation from within an existing 64-bit version of Windows.
2. CD Keys: Please See the .NFO file.
3. Run AntiWPA3.cmd in the AntiWPA folder to disable activation in non-corprate installs.

Link : http://www.easy-share.com/1903485476/Windows XP 64-bit 6-in-1 ISO (Super Compressed).rar

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